Tips for taking a sauna

* Saunas are beneficial for everyone. Only babes and people with open wounds or serious illnesses such as heart problems should avoid the sauna. Everyone else can enter the sauna without any problems

* Finnish sauna is a place for physical and mental cleanse, simply, get comfortable and take it in your stride.

*Colour lights, aromatic fragrances… In the sauna, darkness is almost complete.

* There are no rules for the frequency with which water should be poured over the heater. Whenever you feel like having another steam wave, don’t think it twice.

* You’ll be sweating a lot in a sauna, so remember to hydrate. Water is your best bet.

* Actually, there are no rules in Finnish saunas and the way it is done depends entirely on the occasion. The most important thing to remember is relaxing and enjoy the after-sauna happiness, with the feeling of having cleansed your body and your mind.



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