Saunas España, factory specialising in bespoke saunas, Finnish saunas and heat cabins.

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Here at Saunas España, we are manufacturers of completely bespoke saunas, pre-saunas, cabins and hammam baths

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Specialising in the latest trends in saunas while also staying true to their essence


Finest quality materials combined with the best and most professional assemblers


Completely bespoke customer service and products

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Tips for taking a sauna * Saunas are beneficial for everyone. Only babes and people with open wounds or serious illnesses such as heart problems should avoid the sauna. Everyone else can enter the sauna without any problems * Finnish sauna is a place for physical and mental cleanse, simply, get comfortable and take it in your stride. *Colour lights, aromatic fragrances… In the sauna, darkness is almost complete. * There are no rules for the frequency with which water…

Saunas & health

Dry saunas may help improve heart health Saunas may help improve blood flow going to the heart and prevent coronary disease, according to a study by Japanese researchers published in the last issue of the Journal of the American College of Cardiology. According Chuwa Tei, from the Kagoshima University in Japan, sauna therapy benefits are similar to those of physical exercise, but sauna has an advantage over it because it can be used to treat people with problems to do…

Our philosophy

I LOVE SAUNAS The only Finnish used daily in English is “sauna” In a dimly lit, wooden-panelled room, people sit in silence, sweating. Another, on the steps, takes a ladle of water and carefully pours it over the hot stones on the heater in the corner.   There’s a hissing sound, and in a matter of seconds a wave of humid heat crawls around your ankles and your legs before engulfing your whole body. Your pores open and sweat covers…

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At Saunas España, we are manufacturers of completely bespoke saunas, pre-saunas, cabins and hammam baths. We have a young team specialising in the latest trends in saunas while staying true to their essence, offering customers everything necessary to their comfort and wellbeing at the most competitive prices of the market without hidden costs.

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